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Leadership Coach, Mentor and Integrative Somatic Practitioner.


Life is too short to do something that doesn't bring you joy.


We are all perfectly imperfect beings and shouldn't be afraid to show our flaws.


You are in control of your thoughts, actions, and destiny.

Hey you, 

I’ve spent years working to get on top of my stress levels, confidence and boundaries to become a high-performing, grounded and financially successful leader. 

Most of my career was spent in really high-stress, volatile and sometimes toxic environments and, most of my leadership... wasn't pretty.

Rewind 5 years ago and I was a stressed-out, anxious Marketing Director trying to build a team, keep my sh*t together and battling imposter syndrome. 

Dropping the ball, taking things too seriously, having no free time, reacting to slack messages at midnight and just feeling constantly stuck and overwhelmed. 

 The list goes on.

Eventually, after years of people pleasing and feeling unheard, working harder and harder - my mind and body gave up. 


I burnt out. 

I remember so vividly the phone call to my HR Director, crying down the phone with relief. 

Finally I wouldn’t have that pressure on my shoulders, finally I didn’t have to put up with THEM, those a**holes who were so mean to me, never letting me speak in meetings, being passive aggressive, calling me and my team out in slack.

And that was the problem, I was always blaming everyone else for how I felt. 

Never taking responsibility. Everything was a stressor, everyone was the problem, oh poor me.

I was in a victim mentality and it was a big black hole.

How the hell do you get out of that?

Well, it wasn’t easy to start with. I had no idea I was playing as the victim.

The self-awareness wasn’t there. Until I started going deep deep deep into meditation and it came to me one day. 

This isn’t happening to me, I am allowing myself to react in a way that allows it, I AM THE CREATOR OF MY OWN REALITY.

From that moment I went on a mission to turn this around and take full responsibility for my emotions, my behaviors and my thoughts.

I went hard on the woo, bought a ton of crystals and explored methods like Silva, Wim Hoff, visited healers and created rituals that supported all my body systems (iykyk).

It took me 3-4 months to re-calibrate, heal some deep wounds, regain my energy and decide that I was going to do things differently next time. 

And I did. Healing more and more...

The limiting beliefs, the people pleasing, getting out of victim into creator of my own reality, shifting out of a lack mindset. 

Finding my VOICE and my Values, <-- that was a big one. 

My healing and what I call now “solidifying my inner bubble" is what helped me to go on to build really successful teams as a CMO and make more money than I could ever have imagined moving forward.

-Teams who collaborated, communicated and complemented each other.

-Teams who set the standard.

-Teams who amazed me and set boundaries for themselves.

For years I thought I needed to protect my teams from the big bad rest of the company. 

But, I didn’t need to protect them, they did just fine themselves because I had created a space where it was safe to do so.

These teams then came with me to different companies, I even hired them for my own businesses!

Most importantly, I was helping people understand exactly how to communicate and work with me. What was ok with me, what wasn’t. I set standards. I said no, a lot.

I became radically transparent with my communication and created workflows and processes that supported not just me and my team, but the entire organization.

I realized that if I helped the wider organization meet their goals, then it was going to be a hell of a lot easier to meet ours.

I learned to lead with compassion.

To listen deeply.

To deal with crisis calmly

To create safe spaces for feedback.

To create solid relationships & trust.

To make strategic decisions using my intuition AND data.

And as a result, I was being listened to, given opportunities, working in my zone of genius and bringing in more money than I could have imagined. 

Which helped me to invest in Bitcoin, and grow my investment portfolio.

It even helped me create a savings buffer which I had never had.

It helped me experience luxury travel, flying business class and spending long work-cations in 5 star hotels.

It helped me move back to Europe and get set up without worrying about money.

Stressors were there, like big market crashes, partner crises and layoffs, but it just didn’t impact me like it used to. 

Yes there were slip ups, especially when moving into even bigger roles like CMO and co-founder. I sometimes wobbled and found myself repeating old behaviors.

But because I had put in the hard work before, I always nipped them in the bud quickly.

When I was laid off in my last role as CMO I was given 2 options:

  1. Continue as you are, moving into another CMO role, tbh I was a bit bored of the same old and the work didn’t excite me.

  2. Or start to help other leaders who are struggling like I was, with the stressful cycle of burnout, never feeling like they’re good enough, just wanting to be successful but never quite understanding how or what’s holding them back and how to get through it.


I chose 2. 

I re-qualified, acheived my AC accreditation and even went on to train in Somatics and areas of energy healing because those practices helped me so much in my own leadership and healing journey. 

I also started to have more fun. I started working around my energy, djing when I wanted, painting in the middle of the day. I let myself flow and enjoy what I was doing.

Because I'd learned and trained myself to reduce stress, manage my emotions and deal with difficult situations in the moment in a more sustainable way, it free’d up so much creativity and space in my mind.


Using all of this ^ I’ve helped so many new and experienced leaders to create their own solid inner and outer bubbles.


…and now it's my mission to share that knowledge and experience with you.

So you can get to where I am, but in a lot less time.

If you've made it to the end, there's no coincidence, we should chat,

Speak soon,


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"Emily is one of the best people I know both professionally and personally. I learnt so much from her as my Leadership Mentor, she has knowledge across multiple industries, a deep understand of leading a team in emerging tech, coaching and marketing." 

Jason Mann

Advisor, SL2 Capital

"Emily is amazing at what she does! Not only does she create a safe space where you feel comfortable to be vulnerable (a MUST for every coaching session), she also brings a deep understanding of the startup ecosystem and culture. Every session comes with deeper insights, clear goals, and an action plan that doesn't feel overwhelming."

 Regan Oelze

Founder, Minted Mojito