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I'm Emily

(aka "The Leadership Doula")

New Senior Leaders, Directors, and Executives come to me to level up, nail their roles & create massive impact in their companies, without the stress, overwhelm and burnout.

They walk away from our programs and coaching grounded, leading from the inside out – confident, stress-resilient, and mastering leadership in fast-moving environments, effortlessly.

*and maybe a bit more woo than before 🔮

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I’m going to make a quick assumption about you:

You’re in or just entering your first Head, Director or C-suite Executive role in a growing business. And you are obsessed with getting it right.

But, there’s 3 things that always tripped you up in previous roles; constant stress, lack of confidence & eventual burnout.

This time, you’ve promised yourself, it’s going to be different…but a part of you doesn’t quite believe it, in fact you’re not even sure it’s possible. But you’re 100% ready to do what it takes to find out.

Usually, your approach to a new job is this; you jump in excited, trying to prove yourself, saying yes to everything, working overtime- trying to get ‘quick wins’. 

You’re replying to slack at all hours and soon enough that extra hour becomes whole working weekends & you can barely focus on anything else because “what if I missed something and I get fired and then I have no more income, then I am screwed”. 

You know the drill.

Now you’re not just tired, you’re overwhelmed, and…you start dropping the ball, a lot.

Your confidence tanks, imposter syndrome chimes in “Hi! I’m not good enough!”, so you work (procrastinate) even more.

Then stress starts to shows up; headaches, exhaustion, being a d*ick to everyone around you and eventually…you burnout and quit, or you’re laid off–whichever comes first.

All because you forgot about one very important thing in the equation of leadership success: YOU.

You put everyone else's needs above your own and that was honestly a big part of the problem.

Dare I say it, you’ve been doing leadership backwards (no offense).

You may have skill gaps, you may be new to this particular role, that’s normal we can all learn and grow in that aspect. 

But if you haven’t ever looked at YOU, asked yourself what you really need to make this work…then it’s no bloody wonder this keeps happening, skill gap or not.

Secret: I advised companies where I literally had no idea what they do. But I knew exactly what my strengths were, I knew how to build teams and I knew what I needed to make that happen, and I did it well. You don’t need to know everything to do an epic job.

So, if you really want to avoid all that headache, to succeed in your first 3 months in this role, be driving sustainable results and creating a positive impact throughout the organization.

Then Hi! Welcome!

That’s exactly what we do here.

My clients, walk away feeling like they've 'got this' – 100% more confident & stress-resilient. They’ve mastered this leadership thing and the positive results have started to get them noticed.

Finally they feel like they're a valuable, indispensable, part of the company.

They stop listening to their fear of getting fired and losing it all, because they know deep down that it’s BS. That no amount of money is worth sacrificing their time and energy, that they have got their own back.

But now, the even cooler thing is, with more time and energy… more opportunities come to them, they spend time future-proofing their finances and they step out of this ‘lack’ mindset, this victim mentality that everything is happening to them. 

It is so FREEING for them.

That’s what I want for you too!

I help them to achieve these massive life changing results in 1:1 sessions or in my group coaching programs, where we follow 4 simple steps in what I call The Leadership Resonance Blueprint.

This blueprint helps you lead from the inside out.

When you complete this process, you will have positioned yourself as a strategic, valuable leader within the company, be able to manage stressful challenges with ease, set boundaries without thinking and you’ll have created more time, and more energy to do whatever the hell you like in your time off, without drowning in stress and fear. 

So, when you’re ready, there are 3 ways I can help you achieve all of that.

How I can help.

1:1 Coaching for individual leaders and founders

What if I told you that in just 3 months, you can feel confident in your leadership, be creating massive impact in the business and still have enough energy and time ( and money) to live a full life outside of work too?

*and you've developed rituals & behaviours that look after you and your nervous system.

If that sounds like what you need, I invite you to book a call to chat! 

Let's chat!

The Resonant Leader Program for new leaders in tech.

A 90-day program for senior managers and heads/directors in high-growth startups or larger orgs moving into a leadership role and/or new leaders in their first year of a tech, emerging tech or web 3 company.

The Resonant Leader Program is a transformative 4 step program that fast-tracks your leader’s development, providing them with the foundational skills and inner resilience needed to confidently and impactfully lead in a high-growth business ( or corporate) environment without stress or burnout.

Book a call for more info.

Book a call.

Leadership Coaching  for high- growth tech companies

I work within teams as a partner for leaders and their teams.

A coach, mentor and advisor in one, to support through change, to ask silly questions, to manage difficult conversations and to crack procrastination and stress habits: being the person I truly wish I’d had when I was leveling up!

More info.

What my clients say

"Emily is one of the best people I know both professionally and personally. I learnt so much from her as my Leadership Mentor, she has knowledge across multiple industries, a deep understand of leading a team in emerging tech, coaching and marketing." 

Jason Mann

Advisor, SL2 Capital

When I first started working with Emily, I was stuck in fear and self-doubt.

Now fast forward over 6 months, everyday I find myself way out of my comfort zone, but I am actively pursuing my dream life. I even found a business partner and now have a marketing agency! I sometimes can't believe it!

I will be forever grateful to Emily for helping kickstart this and support me through the first 6 months of uncertainty and fear!

Julia Muszynski

Founder, Lumily Labs

"Coaching with Emily has completely changed the way I view my career and my future goals. It wasn’t one moment but the continuation of group and 1:1 sessions with her that allowed me to have the breakthrough I needed. The confidence and drive I have now is something that I couldn’t have produced on my own. And for that I am extremely grateful.” 


Director, Parity Technologies


"Emily is amazing at what she does! Not only does she create a safe space where you feel comfortable to be vulnerable (a MUST for every coaching session), she also brings a deep understanding of the startup ecosystem and culture. Every session comes with deeper insights, clear goals, and an action plan that doesn't feel overwhelming."

Regan Oelze

Founder, Minted Mojito

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