Overwhelmed by work stress?

It’s draining your energy, messing with your vibe, and keeping you up at night. Not a fan.

Thank goddess✨ for the Stress Buster Starter Pack: full of easy-to-follow techniques to stress-proof your work life in less than 30 days. 
Grab yours now.

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Who it's for:

- Directors

- Senior Manager

- Heads of Departments

- C-suite


What's included‚ú®:

  • 30 days to stress-free challenge and checklist:¬†

    To help you tackle & manage work stress daily for 30 days with prompts and ideas to help you tackle stress & overwhelm head-on.

  • Soothing Somatic Tapping for stress:¬†

    An EMDR tapping inspired exercise you can do anywhere, even at your desk to calm down stress & anxiety.

  • 2¬†Easy¬†Breathing Techniques:

    That you can use throughout your day and in stressful situations (even in the middle of meetings) to calm your nervous system.

  • A little extra:

    My very own Morning Somatic Dance playlist to start your day stress-free and boost those happy hormones!


Hey, I'm Emily,¬†(that's me in the pic above ūüĎÜ)


I've spent years learning how to manage stress under pressure as a leader in fast-paced emerging tech.


During that time I burned out twice and it wasn't until I took absolute responsibility for the way I was reacting to stress, that things started to drastically change for me.


And here's the secret: There's always stressors, but the way we react to them, changes everything.


In fact, each week, I help senior leaders take responsibility for their stress so they feel  energized and productive, get their bonuses (& vacations) locked in & become an indispensable part of the company, without the stress & overwhelm.


When they come to me, they're often waking up anxious, feeling burned out and honestly, exhausted.


They feel like they're failing fast, leading to low confidence in themselves, imposter syndrome, chronic stress, and sometimes, job or business loss.


*in one case a client came to me because his stressed approach to work was pissing so many people off, and he was terrified he would get fired but had no idea how or what to change.


With my help, these clients succeed in their first year of their senior or c-suite roles, they drive sustainable results and create positive impact throughout the organization and beyond.

BECAUSE they learned how to lead without stress keeping them stuck.


They go on to achieve both work-life balance and financial success, all without the stress, self- doubt and burnout cycles.

In the Stress Buster Starter Pack, I'm sharing the techniques that have helped me transform my stress response and my clients. 


By mastering these methods, you can begin to shift your reaction to stress in the moment, setting the stage for long-term stress reduction across all aspects of your life.


Enjoy the feeling of being totally in control of the way you deal with stress...being able to pinpoint what triggered you, where it showed up in your body and deciding how you will manage it. 


It's my definition of freedom and I'm so excited for you to discover it! ✨ 

Download the Stress Buster Starter Pack now ‚ú®






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