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A different approach to leadership coaching.

If you want your new leaders to perform at levels they never thought possible, develop deep inner resilience and create teams that feel safe and trusted, all while keeping things positive and productive.

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Companies with resilient leaders are 45% more likely to report above-average financial performance compared to their peers. (McKinsey & Company)​.

Experiencing this?

Are you dealing with new leaders who seem to be struggling to adapt and lead the team properly?

Maybe you're noticing confusion and disruptions in workflow because their teams are not getting clear guidance and support.

Or perhaps your new leaders are having trouble keeping up with the fast-paced environment of high-growth startups, leading to stress and overwhelm ( not to mention paralysis analysis ).

You might even have a few reluctant technical leaders who you know would be amazing with the right support, but all they want is to build their product right now.

It's tough at the start but we're here to help you turn those leaders into impactful, grounded guides who can handle anything that comes their way.

Imagine leaders who inspire and guide their team members with confidence and direction, leading to increased engagement and satisfaction among employees.

They communicate with compassion and clarity, leading to fewer misunderstandings, conflicts, and delays in project execution.

They align their vision and goals with the overall business strategy, leading to improved efficiencies across departments.

They make quick and informed decisions using strategy and intuition, leading to faster execution and more opportunities for growth.

We can help you make that a reality.

Our unique, full-bodied leadership program combines somatic work, applied neuroscience, and my 8 years of experience leading global startup teams in Blockchain and Emerging Tech.

When your leaders finish a program with me, they're walking away with the resilience, skills and knowledge needed to confidently and impactfully lead in a high-growth startup.

You'll have leaders who lead from the inside out. Not just from a textbook.

Our programs start from €2200 a month for a minimum of 3 months. They include group and 1:1 coaching, workshops and a library of resources + SOS support when needed. 

Your leaders will get the partner I honestly wished I'd had when I became a head of marketing back in the day!

Ready to unlock your team's full potential?

Get clear on your team and leaders' current status, uncover hidden challenges, and receive a personalized plan to supercharge performance and boost your business growth.

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Results our new leaders and teams get with 1:1 & group coaching programs:

✔️ Developed stress resilience and learned effective stress management techniques, so they can navigate challenges with ease and remain focused on their goals.

✔️ Established clear boundaries and improved time management skills, so they can prioritize tasks effectively and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

✔️ Enhanced leadership abilities and gained confidence in decision-making, so they can lead their team with clarity and purpose.

✔️ Mastered effective communication and conflict resolution strategies, so they can address challenges openly and foster constructive relationships.

✔️ Cultivated a growth-oriented mindset and increased self-awareness, so they can adapt to change and continuously improve themselves.

✔️ Built solid relationships and trust within their team, so they can collaborate effectively and create a positive work environment.

Studies show that resilient leaders are 3.2 times more likely to be high performers in their organizations and have teams that report 23% less stress and 34% higher engagement. 

Benefits for your company

Increased revenue

By developing stronger leadership skills, companies like yours see a positive impact on their financial performance and market position. Effective leaders can drive innovation, streamline operations, and execute strategies that lead to competitive advantages and revenue growth.

We have seen companies increase annual revenue by 30%, improve client retention and raise over $500k in capital as a result of their leaders completing a program with us.

Reduction in recruitment costs

Implementing leadership development programs like ours, leads to improved retention rates, particularly among leadership positions. Reduced turnover not only stabilizes the workforce but also decreases the costs and disruptions associated with recruiting and training new staff.

Quality team output

Participants in our Leadership programs often experience heightened team engagement and productivity. This is typically seen as leaders learn to more effectively motivate their teams and align them with the organization's goals, leading to significant improvements in workplace efficiency.

Our programs develop emotional & cognitive skills which means your leaders are better equipped to handle challenges quickly and make informed choices that positively impact project outcomes and strategic goals.

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Our Programs are perfect for high-growth businesses, we also tailor build solutions based on your needs and budget.

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